Student Legal Services

Student versus Student

UW Student Legal Services provides free 40-minute consultations in a wide variety of areas, subject to the following limitation: If a student contacts SLS and the other party appears to be a currently enrolled student at UW-Seattle, UW-Tacoma, or UW-Bothell, SLS involvement is limited to a resource-based consultation.

In a resource-based consultation:

  1. SLS can provide information and tools about legal processes, court resources, applicable statutes, and legal and non-legal resources on and off campus.
  2. SLS acts as a neutral campus resource to educate the client about legal rights and responsibilities.
  3. SLS does not evaluate the client’s position.
  4. SLS informs the client that because of the subject matter, the client cannot hire SLS for ongoing representation.

If the other party later contacts SLS concerning the same issue, SLS can provide a resource-based consultation subject to the same parameters.

Resource-based consultations recognize the benefits of SLS as a resource to UW-Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell students. They can be provided subject to SLS compliance with ethical responsibilities, including confidentiality and avoiding client conflicts of interest.