Student Legal Services

For Parents

Why Would My Student Need Legal Help?

For parents who did not attend college
This is an exciting time for you and your new college student, and you are in great company. The Office of Budgeting and Planning reports that 32% of incoming freshman are first-generation college-students. We are here to help your student manage any legal concerns that may arise during this transition to adulthood.

For parents who did attend college
You may remember feeling invincible (OK, maybe also a bit overwhelmed) as you began this period of your life, and chances are that your new Husky feels the same way. Although most UW students are 18 or older and thus legally adults, they may not be aware of the rights and responsibilities that come with their new independence.

Either way
For over four decades, UW Student Legal Services has assisted students whose legal concerns could disrupt their lives and prevent them from achieving their full potential while in school. We understand that legal issues are the last thing a college student wants to worry about. It is our goal to educate students about their rights and responsibilities in an increasingly complex world, so that they can focus on making the most of their Husky experience and education.