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Associate Professor, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs (formerly Wakefield Professor of Ocean and Fishery Sciences)


David Fluharty is an Associate Professor [WOT] at the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs where he has been employed since 1976.  He is the former Wakefield Professor of Ocean and Fisheries Sciences. His doctoral degree is from the University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources in the interdisciplinary field of Natural Resource Conservation and Planning.  His research and teaching interests are in natural resource policy and management at national and international levels, ecosystem approaches for management of marine resources [including integrated coastal management, coastal and marine spatial planning, ecosystem-based fisheries management, and marine protected area management], and regional effects of global climate change in the Pacific Northwest and the Arctic. 

Significant professional activities include:  Chair, NOAA Science Advisory Board 2006-2010; Chair, External Ecosystem Research Team for NOAA-wide Ecosystem Science and Research 2005 - 2007; Advisor of  National Center for Ecosystem Analysis and Synthesis [NCEAS] study groups on Marine Protected Areas, Models for Fisheries Ecosystems 2002-2005, and Ecosystem Management Feasibility in Tropical Areas 2006-2009; Member, North Pacific Fishery Management Council 1994-2003;  Associate Editor, Coastal Management Journal; Chair, Editorial Board, Marine Protected Area News and Marine Ecosystems And Management; Member, National Research Council Study on Evaluation, Design and Monitoring of MPAs and Reserves for the United States 1998-2000; Chair, Ecosystem Principles Advisory Panel 1997-2000 reporting to Congress on Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management. Member, Murray-Metcalf Northwest Straits Citizen Advisory Commission 1997-1999 , Co-Chair, Institutional and Regulatory Issues, Sub-Committee and Member, Scientific Advisory Committee for Puget Sound Water Quality Authority1984 – 1987, Member, Puget Sound Science Advisory Committee, U.S. Environment Protection Agency 1985-1987 Member, WA Department of Ecology/US Environmental Protection Agency Puget Sound Action Program Implementation Committee 1984-1986,  Member, WA Department of Ecology, Secondary Treatment Committee 1985-1987, Vice-Chair, Puget Sound Water Quality Authority, 1983-85.


  • Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1977
  • M.A., University of Washington, 1972
  • B.A., University of Washington, 1968


  • Ecosystem approaches to marine resource management including integrated coastal management, coastal and marine spatial planning
  • Ecosystem-based fishery management
  • Marine protected area management

Additional Background

  • Senior Research Associate, School of Marine Affairs, 1989-91
  • Research Associate, School of Marine Affairs, 1983-89
  • Freelance researcher, 1982-83
  • Research Associate, School of Marine Affairs, 1978-82
  • Postdoctoral research, School of Marine Affairs, 1976-78

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. David Fluharty

Selected Publications

Levin, P.S., M.J. Fogarty, S.A. Murawski, and D. Fluharty.  2009.  "Integrated Ecosystem Assessments: Developing the Scientific Basis for Ecosystem-Based Management of the Ocean."  PLoS Biol.  7(1): e1000014.

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