Affiliate Professor; Research Professor, University of Rhode Island, Department of Marine Affairs


Research Professor, Department of Marine Affairs & Coastal Resources Center, University of Rhode Island.


B.A. Pennsylvania State U., Anthropology, 1968; Ph.D. U. of Missouri, Anthropology, 1972


Prior to 2007 research and consulting concerning fishery and coastal development projects was carried out in East and West Africa, South and Central America, the Azores, the Middle East, India, New England, USA, SE Alaska, and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand  & Vietnam).

2006-2009  Fieldwork in Central America and the Caribbean evaluating factors influencing success of marine protected areas. (NSF funded, Co-PI)

2005-2009  Preparation of fishery community profiles for the Northeast Region (NOAA, CMER funded, PI).

2007-2009  Fieldwork ground-truthing fishery community profiles and  numerical taxonomies of fishing communities for the Northeast Region (NOAA, CMER funded, PI).

2007-2009  Fieldwork concerning networking of marine protected areas, Cebu, Philippines July-August, 2007. (Governance Feasibility of marine ecosystem-based management: A comparative Analysis; National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis Co-PI with Patrick Christie).

2007-2009  Job Satisfaction in Capture Fisheries: A Comparative Study. Ecosystems, Societies, Consilience and the Precautionary Principle: Development of an assessment method for societal cost for best fishing practices and efficient public policies, (European Commission through U. of Amsterdam).

2009  Job satisfaction, well-being & change in New England Fishing Communities (funded by NOAA Fisheries & the RI Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation).

2010  Fieldwork for Post evaluation of Population, Health, Environment project in the Visayas, Philippines (Funded by USAID).

2010-2011  Job satisfaction, well-being & change in Northeast Region Fishing Communities (funded by NOAA Fisheries).

2010  Fieldwork for evaluation of sociocultural aspects of marine reserve governance in Puget Sound (funded by Washington Sea Grant; P. Christie, PI).

2011-2012  Fieldwork for evaluation of introduction of turtle excluder devices and ring hooks into the Ecuador shrimp and pelagic fin-fish fisheries (Funded by NSF: Kiki Jenkins and P. Christie CoPIs).

2011-2013 Fieldwork for the establishment of a baseline and monitoring system for a new Population, Health and Environment project in Bohol, Batangas, and Mindoro Occidental & Oriental the Philippines (Co-PI with Brian Crawford, Funded by BALANCED Project, funded by USAID).

2011-2012  Social Indicators Study: Improving the Conduct of Social Impact Assessments (SIAs) in the Northeast Region with a Focus on Community Resilience and Vulnerability (Funded by NOAA Fisheries).

2012-2013  A Multi-Scale Network Analysis of the Cumulative Effects of Fishery Management Regulations on Fishing Communities in the Northeastern U.S. (Funded by NOAA Fisheries).

2012-2013  Analysis of networks between inshore scientists in Puget Sound, WA (Funded by Puget Sound Partnership, Patrick Christie Co-PI)

2013 Fieldwork for monitoring Population, Health and Environment project in the Philippines (Co-PI with Brian Crawford, Funded by BALANCED Project, funded by USAID


Prior to 2010, 117 publications.

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