Ben Dunn

Artist Statement

Ben Dunn was born in 1985 and raised in middle Georgia where he eventually received a B.A. in Philosophy and Great Books from Mercer University under the tutelage of giants. He comes to the UW by way of Chicago where he founded a growing commercial screen printing company. Ben has worked in museum exhibitions and collections throughout the continental United States and beyond. He has enjoyed the good fortune to attend several artist residencies and exhibited paintings, sculptures, photographs and prints nationally and internationally. His work is informed by the landscape, the landscape painting tradition and the near magic of being in a specific place.

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Portrait: Douglas Manelski

Ben Dunn, Painting + Drawing MFA

[blockquote author=”Helen O’Toole, Chair of Painting + Drawing” pull=”normal”]”Ben Dunn’s studio practice evolved from landscape-derived paintings to work that embraces both the history of painting and sculpture as well as concerns relating to context and history. His work is driven by process and an intuitive sensibility, – and the inevitability of ideas relating to representation and situation. His drawings, paintings, sculptures, and photographs are unpretentious in their elemental grandeur, stunning and concise in their execution.”[/blockquote]


David Brody, Ann Gale, Philip Govedare, Denzil Hurley, Zhi Lin, Helen O’Toole, Doug Jeck