Temporary Changes to SoundCitizen Protocols

Due to budget cuts, SoundCitizen has recently made some temporary changes to its standard protocols.

Here is a list of attributes which will be changed effective 10/17/11:

1) Kit requests: we will no longer process kit requests immediately upon receipt. Instead, we will process all requests generated within a given week on Fridays. Please plan accordingly when requesting your kits.

2) Large kit requests: we will no longer process large kit orders without more information from the volunteer in regards to the intention of those kits and to insure the kits timely return to the lab.

3) Strips: it has come to our attention that the testing strips which we include in our kits have been discontinued by the manufacturer.  We are currently on the hunt for new strips. Depending on how long this process takes, some kits may not include testing strips in the near future until a suitable replacement is found.

4) E-mails regarding kit receipt: we will try to keep on top of e-mailing you when we have received your kit(s) but you should expect a slight delay on your acknowledgment e-mail.

We apologize if any of these changes inconvenience you. We appreciate your understanding and hope that you will continue to volunteer with us!

Our undergrads mimicking a classic Steve Zissou pose!