We will miss you, Brittany!

SoundCitizen wishes a very fond farewell to our fearless lab leader, Brittany.  We are very excited that Brittany is starting a new position using her experience with analytical chemistry to work on consumer safety with Nintendo, but we will miss her greatly!

Photo: John Darwin Forrest

Brittany is a founding member of SoundCitizen and her tireless dedication to the success of our program was a huge source of inspiration to everyone.  Her sunny disposition and enthusiasm about the science we do was infectious! Brittany has an incredible work ethic and stood by the program in all of it’s growing pains with unwavering dedication.

Brittany was a patient, caring mentor to our undergraduates and many students benefited from working with her.  Whether we were deploying equipment on a boat, filtering samples or making lip gloss with middle school students, the work we do was always more fun if Brittany was beside us!

Good luck, Brittany!!!