SEED Forget the Fragrance Art Contest Finalists

Students Expressing Environmental Dedication (SEED) has announced the three finalists for their Forget the Fragrance Art Contest!

You can vote for the photo below that most inspires you to switch to fragrance-free detergent by visiting the SEED booth at the 2012 UW Earth Day Celebration!

"Untitled" by Lisa Nicholson. This photo represents what we're protecting when we use fragrance free This phtoto laundry detergent. When you forget the fragrance in your detergent, you are not only helping yourself, but you are also helping the environment. Fragrances are additives that contribute to adverse health effects. They are also washed into Puget Sound, harming wildlife. This photo represents protection of our waterways and the wildlife in Puget Sound. Do your part, forget the fragrance, and help Puget Sound.

"Use What Nature Loves 1" by Wen-Chung (Martin) Su. This picture showcases a cute sea animal, the baby harp seal, and how it express its love toward fragrance-free products. If you like sea animals like the baby seal, you should use what it likes, too. This fragrance-free detergents are less harmful to the water environment and therefore to the sea animals. In conclusion, baby harp seal loves fragrance-free, and so should you. =)

“Use What Nature Loves 2″ by Wen-Chung (Martin) Su