The SoundCitizen lab has three publications:

Keil R., Salemme K., Forrest B., Neibauer J. and Logsdon M. 2011. Differential Presence of Anthropogenic Compounds Dissolved in the Marine Waters of Puget Sound, WA and Barkley Sound, BC. Marine Pollution Bulletin. in press.

Keil R. and Neibauer J. 2009.  Analysis of Cooking Spices in Natural Waters. Limnology and Oceanography Methods 7: 848-855

Kimball B., Myers-Pigg A., Clay T., Neibauer J., and Keil R.  2009.  SoundCitizen: Students and Citizens conducting environmental science together.  Proc NAAEE Symp 2009.

These can be found on the AOG lab website, along with more publications from the AOG lab.

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