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SoundCitizen offers to educators the following educational materials:

2011_12 My Place in Puget Sound (pdf)

From the online resource “Best of COSEE Hands On Actviities,” activities guides students to answer:  What is Puget Sound?; Where do I live in relation to Puget Sound?; How do my activities at home add chemicals to Puget Sound (or the ocean)?  This resource is available online from

2011_12 Endocrine disruptors (pptx or pdf)
An overview of what endocrine disruptors are, how they may affect wildlife and people, where they can occur in common household products, and what compounds SoundCitizen measures.  Targeted for high school or community college students.
2011_SoundCitizen_classroom data (xls)
Presence/absence data of 27 compounds from 97 sites in Puget Sound (to be used in combination with our Map for Classroom Use)
2011_SoundCitizen_data_inquiry_activity (doc or pdf)
A proposed description of how the classroom data may be used for high school or community college students.
2011-12_SoundCitizen_overview (pptx or pdf)
An general description of SoundCitizen as an organization and the research that we do, targeted for the general public.

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