January 2013 Update: Thank you for your interest in SoundCitizen!  We are currently fulfilling kit requests based on the number of requests we receive, proposed sampling location and availability of research staff.  The types of samples we are currently requesting are:

  • Freshwater or marine samples located upstream and downstream of wastewater effluent
  • Freshwater or marine samples that may be influenced by septic systems
  • Freshwater or marine samples collected by classrooms in the Puyallup River watershed

Please keep checking back for specific sampling events, or you can keep updated with targeted sampling efforts via Facebook or Twitter (@Sound_Citizen).


Our Standard SoundCitizen Kit

We would love for you to get involved! We distribute kits through our kit request site at no cost and provide a pre-paid mailing label to return the kits to our lab.

We currently have one type of kit that we routinely distribute to our volunteers: our Standard SoundCitizen Kit!  To see more information regarding the variety of other kits we’ve developed, please review our page: About Kits.

Please note that you must mail your water sample back to us within 1-3 days after having collected your sample otherwise we will be forced to discard it. If you cannot mail the sample back immediately, please keep your sample in a refrigerator.

We currently limit the number of kits you can request to a maximum of 2. If you would like to do sequential sampling or are requesting more kits for widespread sampling, please email us at

If you are an educator and are interested in working more closely with us developing a plan for your students, please review our page “For Educators” and email us at