Convio to Marketo Conversion

During 2017, Convio was replaced by Marketo’s digMarketo Logoital marketing system for bulk emails. The next phase will be to train new Marketo users.

Please contact Jeff Hodson if you would like to learn Marketo or need to be assigned a new role.

UW Marketo Home (netid)

Marketo Login  (instructions)

Marketo Program Name Generator

Marketo Audience Request Form (email list load)


Marketo Training

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Marketo Conversion Q&A

What training and support will be provided for Marketo users?

  • All Convio users identified by their showrunners will be invited to training sessions that correspond to their specific user role(s).
  • Upon completion of specific training modules, users will be given corresponding access to Marketo functionality.
  • During this conversion phase, central Advancement will provide additional dedicated Marketo support staff to assist units with all aspects of conversion.
  • Additional training opportunities will be available for non-Convio users with department approval following the September 20th

More Q&A about Marketo

See the High-level Road Map

Questions or Concerns?

Please email

Branding and Design

Elise Perachio is the person that you want to contact for best practices regarding branding and email design strategy.

Helpful Links

Marketo Login
Marketo Program Name Generator is a great community of nation-wide Marketo users, and has lots of documentation on how Marketo works.



Jeff Hodson, User Endorser  (approves roles for Marketo users)

Caroline Liou, User Endorser for Global Health

Lisa Vargas, Training Manager

Elly Henriksen, Advancement Trainer (Marketo)
Callie Hamilton, Training & Software Deployment Coordinator

Loc Dao, Digital Marketing Specialist (Marketo)

Marketo training:

Support for Convio & Marketo: or phone  1-3947.


updated: 11 July 2018