Office of Special Programs

The Office of Special Programs administers the Use of University Facilities and Alcohol Service requests and all forms related to those processes.

All UUF’s and Alcohol Service requests must be approved by the Use of University Facilities Committee (UUFC) before the function can be held and/or alcohol is allowed.

Use of University Facilities (UUF)

Washington state law requires that University of Washington facilities be used primarily for their intended educational use. Therefore, use of University facilities must be reviewed and approved by the UUF Committee.

When UUF approval is required:

  • A non-university group/individual intends to hold a function at a UW facility.
  • A University community member (student, alumnae, staff, or faculty) intends to hold a function at a UW facility is open to the general public or invited off-campus guests.
  • A University community member (student, alumnae, staff, or faculty) intends to hold a function (independent of any student group, department or administrative unit) at a UW facility.
  • An organization would like to hold a partisan political activity at a UW facility
  • All outdoors events.
  • At the venue operator’s discretion.

Additional UUF information.

Alcohol Service

Alcoholic beverages may be possessed, sold, served, and consumed at University facilities only when the appropriate approvals and permits have been obtained from the University and all University policies and WA state alcohol regulations and laws must be followed.

When Alcohol Service approval is required:

  • An organization or individual intends to serve and/or sell alcoholic beverages at a function occurring at a UW facility.

The type of permit(s) and approval(s) required depend on the manner in which alcohol is obtained, dispensed, and to whom it is served.

Additional Alcohol Service information.

Academic Integrity Program & Parent Resources

The Academic Integrity Program and the Parent and Family Resources and Referral Services, formerly administered by Special Programs, have transitioned to the Office of Student Conduct and the Division of Student Life, respectively.