The Office of Special Programs administers the UUF and ASR according to University policies, state regulations, and Washington state law.

University of Washington Policies

Administrative Policy Statements

APS 10.10: Noncampus Groups Using Campus Facilities and Grounds
APS 13.3: Building Security Regulations
APS 13.9: Serving and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages at University Facilities
APS 47.5: Acceptance of Gifts or Contributions from Representatives of the Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Presidential Orders

PO 23: Non-University Speakers Sponsored by Student Organizations
PO 42: Speakers or Artists Sponsored by Non-Student Groups

Student Governance and Policies

Chapter 202: Guidelines Relating to the Expenditure of Public Funds and the Use of University Facilities by the ASUW, GPSS, and Other Affected Organizations

Washington Administrative Code – UW Policy Handbook

Chapter 478-136 WAC: Use of University of Washington Facilities

478-136-010: Use of university facilities – General Policy
478-136-012: Definitions
478-136-015: Delegated and administrative responsibilities
478-136-025: Users
478-136-030: Limitations on use
478-136-035: No smoking policy for university facilities
478-136-041: Alcoholic beverage policy
478-136-060: Safety and Liability

State of Washington Laws

Washington Administrative Code (WAC)

Chapter 478-136 WAC Use of University of Washington Facilities – Full Chapter
Chapter 314 WAC Liquor Control Board – Full Chapter

Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

Title 66 RCW Alcoholic Beverage Control – Full Title
Title 66.28 RCW Miscellaneous Regulatory Provisions

Washington State Liquor Control Board

Special Licenses and Permits