UUF Info

The UW is an educational institution provided and maintained by the people of Washington in order to carry out its broad mission of teaching, research and public service. The purpose of the UUF policy is to ensure that all facilities operated by the university are reserved primarily for educational use including, but not limited to, instruction, research, public assembly, student activities and recreational activities related to educational use. Further, each facility may be used for a variety of activities, so long as the primary function the facility was intended to serve is protected. Reasonable time, place and manner restrictions may be placed on the use of university facilities.

Those eligible to use UW facilities

  • Duly elected or hired students of the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) or Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS)
  • Officers of currently registered student organizations (RSOs)
  • UW departments or administrative units
  • Individual UW students, faculty, staff, or alumni
  • Non-University individuals and organizations may also rent facilities as long as the use of the facilities is consistent with the regulations outlined in WAC 478-136-030

What is a UW Facility?

A UW facility is defined as an on-campus space or an off-site location that is owned by the University of Washington. Space leased by the University in an off-campus building does not qualify as a University facility.

When UUF approval is required:

  • A non-University group/individual intends to hold a function at a UW facility.
  • A university community member intends to hold a function at a UW facility that is open to the general public or invited off-campus guests.
  • A university community member (student, alumnae, staff, or faculty) intends to hold a function (independent of any student group, department or administrative unit) at a UW facility.
  • An organization would like to hold a partisan political activity at a UW facility
  • All outdoor events.
  • At the venue operator’s discretion.

Things to consider/complete before submitting a UUF request

1. Reserve a Campus Location

  • NOTE: The UUF request form is not a reservation request.
  • There are many UW facilities that may be reserved. Please contact the venue operator of your desired function location directly regarding their reservation process. Please be sure to do this BEFORE submitting a UUF request.
  • Venue approval is a step of the UUF approval process. The venue operator may deny a UUF request if a reservation request has not been submitted to them beforehand.

2. Obtain UUF Sponsorship

It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact a University department or administrative unit to discuss and obtain event/UUF sponsorship. The name, UW Department, and UW email address of the designated UUF sponsor is required on the UUF.

3. Submit a UUF Request

A UUF Request should be submitted once a reservation has been made and a UUF sponsor has been identified.

4. Timeliness matters

NOTE: UUF Requests should be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the event date.
Any requests submitted after that date may not be fully processed or approved in time for the event.