Russian Teacher Resources 2014

Preparing Teachers for the 21st Century

July 9-25, 2014 at the University of Washington Language Learning Center in Denny Hall.

These are the resources shared by Lead Instructor, Vinton Eberly. We are pleased to make them available for teachers of any language.

STARTALK Teacher Program Flyer in English (PDF)

1. Course Syllabus and Curriculum Template

2. Course Presentations and Information Sheets

3. STELLA Modules for Teacher Development

4. STELLA Module: Environment

[E1] Culturally Responsive Classroom

[E1] Heritage Learners

[E4] Target Language

5. STELLA Module: Planning

[P1] Standards

[P1] Communicative Modes

[P2] Unique Needs of Students

[P3] Backwards Design

[P4] Accommodating Different Learner Needs

[P5] Setting and Monitoring Own Goals

[P6] Lesson Planning (examples coming)

6. STELLA Module: The Learning Experience

[LE4] Comprehensible Input

[LE5] Meaningful Context

7. STELLA Module: Performance & Feedback

[PF2] Providing Feedback

8. STELLA Module: Learning Tools

9. STELLA Module: Collaboration

10. STELLA Module: Professionalism

[PR2] Linguistic Competence

[PR3] Reflective Practitioner

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