Healthy Communities Evaluation Tools : Worksites

General Worksite Tools

Worksite Survey

  • Description: Component of Community Assessment Tool.
  • Format: Word file of paper survey tool for use by community teams
  • Source: Healthy Communities Toolkit
  • Notes: Used during planning phase of HC project to engage and inform project team about community nutrition and physical activity environment.
  • Download: Word Doc


Business/Employer Breastfeeding Policies and Practices Survey

  • Description: Brief survey to identify workplace demographics, breastfeeding policies and practices.
  • Format: Paper-based booklet
  • Source: Claire Roach, RD and Donna Johnson, PhD, RD - UW Center for Public Health Nutrition
  • Notes: Previously used to assess breastfeeding policies and practices in Lewis County worksites.
  • Download: Word Doc


Lunchroom Snack Machine Survey

  • Description: Survey lists potential snack items organized by category and price to rate items for stocking lunchroom vending machines
  • Format: Online, items selected are tallied automatically
  • Source: Amy  Ellings, DOH staff
  • Download: Word Doc (Be patient, slow to download)

Work Site Vending Survey

  • Description: Assesses frequency purchases and preferences.
  • Format: Paper survey
  • Source: Amy  Ellings and Marilyn Sitaker, DOH Staff
  • Download: Word Doc