Textual Studies Program

Graduate Certificate in Textual and Digital Studies

Beginning in 2016-2017, graduate students at the UW can earn a Graduate Certificate in Textual and Digital Studies. The certificate is based on completion of the following (total 16 credits):

Required course: “Textual Theory and Practice” (ENG 501/ C LIT 551/ FREN 551 — next offered 2019-2020)

One course chosen from the list of core electives:

  • “Manuscript Studies” (ENG 502/ C LIT 552/ FREN 552/ ITAL 552 — next offered 2019-2020)
  • “Studies in Print Culture and Publication” (ENG 503/ C LIT 553/ FREN 553 — offered in WI 2019 as a workshop in editing of a French 17th-century play)
  • “Digital Literary and Textual Studies” (ENG 504/ C LIT 554 — offered in SP 2019)
  • “Editing Shakespeare” (ENG 518 — offered WI 2019)
  • “Print Culture in Asia” (ASIAN 498B)
  • “Digital Historical Practices” (HSTRY 595)
  • “Digital Humanities Librarianship” (LIS 529 — offered in WI 2019)

One open elective, to be chosen in consultation with the student’s TDS advisor. This course will ideally integrate the student’s TDS interests with work in his/her home department.

Capstone (1 credit). Participating for one quarter in the Textual Studies Program Colloquium, including presenting a paper that builds on and unifies the work done in TDS courses.

* Students who have already taken either the introductory course (ENG 501 or C LIT 551) or one or more of the core electives may count those courses towards the TDS certificate, so long as no more than 6 of the credits are being applied towards MA or PhD coursework as well.

Admission. Interested students should apply here (UW ID required). The pre-requisite for admission to the TDS Graduate Certificate is good academic standing in a master’s or doctoral program at UW. Please contact either Jeffrey Todd Knight (jtknight@uw.edu) or Geoffrey Turnovsky (gt2@uw.edu) with any questions about your eligibility or other aspects of the program. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed by the Steering Committee. Students are encouraged to apply for admission before beginning their coursework.