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HUB Lost & Found

The HUB Lost & Found serves as the central lost and found for the entire UW campus. Several buildings and departments across campus send their lost & found items to the HUB Lost & Found. Over 1000 lost items are processed in any given month.

Lost & Found Sale

The HUB Lost & Found Sale, similar to a garage sale, is held on the first Wednesday of each month from 9a-4:30p**. Items vary every month and are highly discounted. All sales are final – No refunds or exchanges. Items that may be included in the sale; iPods, jewelry, jackets, backpacks, sunglasses, textbooks, calculators, usb drives, course books, and much, much more.

Looking for an Item?

To inquire about a lost item that may be in the HUB Lost & Found, please submit a Lost & Found Inquiry. HUB staff will search the database and respond all inquiries with any possible matches.

Claiming a Lost Item

Items may only be claimed in person at the HUB Main Desk during business hours. Claimants must have two (2) forms of identification, including one (1) photo ID, in order to claim an item. Please Note: Items not claimed in a timely fashion may be sold, donated or destroyed.

Lost & Found Information for UW Departments

Campus departments that receive lost and found items are encouraged to bring those items to the HUB Lost and Found as promptly as possible.

Drop-Off Guidelines

Promptness increases the chances of return to the rightful owner so it is recommended to turn in found items as soon as possible.

Submitting Items, in bulk, to the HUB Lost & Found:

  • Inventory List: All Lost & Found deliveries must include a detailed inventory list. Items without an inventory list will NOT be accepted.
  • pdf icon   Download Inventory Form

  • Valuable Items: Items such as jewelry, bank cards, checkbooks, passports, electronics, should be separated out from clothing and other non-valuable items.
  • Small Items: Please do not place small items, such as jewelry or electronics, in large plastic bags.

Items Not Accepted by the HUB Lost & Found

  • Underwear, socks, towels, pillows or sheets
  • Any toiletries or laundry detergent
  • Bikes – Finder(s) must contact UW Police directly at 206-685-8973
  • Food items
  • Full water bottles, coffee commuter mugs or other liquid-filled containers
    Please empty fluid containers prior to turning them into the HUB Lost & Found

Lost Husky Cards

  1. Husky Cards inside wallets, backpacks, purses, cellphone cases, or other items will be kept with those items. HUB Lost & Found staff will attempt to contact the owner to retrieve their belongings.
  2. Individual Husky Cards turned in to the HUB Lost & Found will be surrendered directly to the Husky Card office without attempting to contact the owner.
  3. The Husky Card office is located on the Ground floor of Odegaard | 206-543-7222 | Email

Other Campus Lost & Found Resources

Although the HUB serves as the central Lost & Found for the UW Seattle Campus, there are other departments and buildings that maintain their own Lost & Found services, who may or may not forward their items to the HUB. The HUB encourages anyone looking for lost items to contact the following Lost & Found services directly:

Updated: September 14, 2017

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HUB Games 8 Ball Tournament

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Shaun King at the HUB

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POSTPONED: Casey Neistat