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Student Activities Fair

RSO Activities Fair

The RSO Student Activities Fairs are open to all currently registered student organizations (RSO) as a way to promote their activities, recruit new members or volunteers, and to be visible to the UW community.

The fall activities fair is a main feature of Dawg Daze, the campus-wide, weeklong series of events to welcome students and introduce them to the UW community.

Student Activities Fair – Dawg Daze 2016

September 28-29 from 10a-3p in Red Square.

Be a Part of the Student Activities Fair

In order for an RSO to participate they must agree to and meet the following requirements:

  • RSO Status: Must be currently registered (2015-2016 school year) and in good standing with SAO. No exceptions.
  • Who can RSVP: Any one of the five RSO Officers, as listed in the RSO Directory may sign-up their RSO
  • Table Assignment: 2 RSOs per table. No exceptions.
  • Table Groupings: RSOs will be assigned by RSO Type. For example, all Engineering RSOs will be grouped together, all Special Interest RSOs will be grouped together, etc.
  • Table Banners: Banners and signs cannot exceed three feet in length
  • Amenities: There is no access to power. No selling/transactions allowed while tabling.
  • Check-In: Will be in marked tents on Red Square.
  • NOTE: The Resource Center does not reserve canopies, tables or chairs during the fall activities fair.

Program Contact
Phil Hunt

Phil Hunt

Phone: 206-543-2380
Location: HUB 232

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Shaun King at the HUB

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POSTPONED: Casey Neistat