Project SARAH

Understanding and Testing Recovery Processes for PTSD and Alcohol Use Following Sexual Assault (R01AA027499)



Principal Investigator:


Project Coordinator: Ash Holloway and Sarah Cornell-Maier

Project Period:

09/01/2019 — 08/31/2024

For individuals who are experiencing distress after experiencing a sexual assault psychotherapy to target ongoing symptoms may be helpful. Project SARAH is a research study that provides no cost therapy aimed at reducing distress (symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder [PTSD] and alcohol use) in the first year after an unwanted sexual experience. The treatments used are evidence-based, and have previously been shown to be effective. This randomized controlled trial (RCT) is unique in that PTSD treatment is compared with, and in some cases paired with, alcohol skills training. Individuals will meet online or by phone with an individual therapist twice weekly for 3-6 weeks. We are investigating whether or not receiving alcohol skills training tandem with exposure therapy is more effective than telephone supportive counseling or exposure therapy alone in treating trauma related symptoms and accompanying alcohol use. Thus, this study is looking to understand what combinations of treatment are most helpful in improving symptoms following an unwanted sexual experiences.


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