Why Do People Adopt?

There are many reasons for someone to adopt. There can be married couples looking for a child to adopt, as well as unmarried couples. These couples desire to form a family, but some couples do not have the ability to do so. There could be gay or lesbian couples that are adopting to be able to form the family that they would not be able to have if they do not adopt a child. Depending on your status with being single, married, or in a gay/lesbian relationship there may be ways each of you have to go about differently in the adoption process.

One of the many reasons why someone may use the option of adoption is because of infertility. Both men and women can suffer from infertility. The males for example may have problems with the production of sperm. The production of sperm is the most common reason for people adopting children. Also it could be due to abnormal sperm shape which stops the sperm from moving correctly. Although these are the most common reasons, they are not all of them. Many adopters do wish to adopt a child because they believe that they need a family and that these children deserve the opportunity of being part of one. The process may take a long time for the adopters to obtain their child, however it does not affect the encouragement that people have to adopt. People have the choice to adopt because it is a process that benefits the children that don’t have an opportunity to be part of a family and it also benefits the adopters because they receive the children that they are not able to have.

There are many reasons for a woman to be infertile. If a woman has an ovulation dysfunction, she will not be able to reproduce eggs to be fertilized. The proper amount of hormones is not reached; therefore, the egg is not mature and the embryo can not develop. These women can be born infertile or become infertile at a certain point of their lives. An infection can also be one of the reasons for a woman to be infertile. For example, the Pelvic Inflammatory disease is caused by a type of bacteria. The bacteria can be gonorrhea or Chlamydia. This infection affects the uterus, the fallopian tubes, and the ovaries; therefore, the essential parts of a woman are not able to handle the pregnancy. There are other problems that could cause the woman to be infertile. These could be related to immunological problems, which is that a woman is having problems with her immune system which can lead to a pregnancy loss. There are some signs that are helpful to inform a woman about a troubling immune system. If there is an abnormal immune response to the pregnancy or to antibodies, the woman’s body can fail to recognize the pregnancy. Many other times there are women who develop antisperm antibodies which destroy the sperm. One of the conditions that affect the fertility of a woman is called Endometriosis. This is when the tissue that is supposed to line the uterus develops lines the outside the uterus. When this tissue is misplaced, it responds to some hormonal changes when a woman is on her menstrual cycle.
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In this next question from our survey we wondered if any of these consequences ever happened in the teen’s family that we surveyed, would they ever accept an adopted person into the family. As in previous questions we surveyed teenagers ranging in age from fourteen to eighteen years of age. In all there were fifty, thirty-two females and eighteen males. From the yes or no answers twenty-nine females and seventeen males said they would accept an adopted child in their family. On the other hand only three females and one male said no to the question. Below is the graph of the results from this particular question.