Clinical Trials

For more information regarding our trials, please contact our Patient Coordinator | 866.932.8588 | E-Mail

Cancer immunology is an extremely new and exciting field. Scientists and research physicians are constantly gaining greater understanding about the way the immunesystem interacts with cancer. They are discovering and developing new, immune-based treatments that are now becoming the standard of care in addition to surgery,chemotherapy, and radiation.

These treatments impact everyone who is affected by the cancer – from families and organizations in the local community to researchers and patients throughout the world.

Do you feel you might be eligible for a study? Please read below to learn about studies that are currently open, clinical trial participation, and current research.

Breast CancerWe may have studies for Stage I, II, III, and IV breast cancer patients. Study eligibility may allow for patients who are either in complete remission, considered stable, slowly progressing, or have active disease.
Ovarian CancerWe could have studies open for ovarian cancer patients at any stage. The eligibility may allow for patients who are in complete remission or have recently progressed.
Colon CancerYou may be able to participate in an open study for colon cancer. Different studies have different eligibility requirements, so we may have an open trial for your situation.
Specimen DonationWe may be looking for cancer or healthy donors to donate blood or leukocytes to us. These donations may be used to help further the research that we are doing in our group.