Angela Shaulov Kask

Research Staff
Research Scientist

Angela received her PhD in Immunology in 2008 from University of Washington.  Her thesis project examined the effects of pro-inflammatory (innate) and antigenic stimuli on the kinetics and functional properties of acquired CD8 T cell immunity. As a post-doctoral fellow, she has trained at the University of Washington Department of Medicine, where she studied the immune response to HSV-2.  As part of a PATH sponsored project, she elucidated the novel mechanisms of DNA vaccine delivery in the murine model of HSV-2 infection.  Furthermore, she was in charge of a human correlative immunology study concerning plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) and their possible correlation with HSV-2 disease severity.  Additionally, she established the conditions for sorting and expansion of CD8αα T cells from peripheral blood of HSV-2 infected persons, and using the bioinformatics approach, she examined persistence, diversity and clonality of tissue infiltrating CD8αα T cells in human genital HSV-2 infection as compared to CD8αα T cells in peripheral blood.  Angela joined the CVI in July 2014.  She works in the Immunologic Monitoring Lab (IML), measuring patient T cell immune response to cancer vaccines, by means of Flow cytometry and Elispot.