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Emerald Corridor Collaboratory

The Emerald Corridor Collaboratory is a regional network between four city-university partnerships in the Pacific Northwest, aimed at developing collaborative solutions for sustainable and resilient cities. Read our Final Report: Experiences Implementing City-University Partnerships The Emerald Corridor Collaboratory, which formally collaborated for 2018-2019, is made up of the following city-university partnerships: Portland, Oregon & Portland…

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Homelessness Research Initiative

The Urban@UW’s Homelessness Research Initiative serves as a nexus for researchers and practitioners to exchange discoveries, experiences, and ideas. By connecting the efforts of faculty from across disciplines and campuses, the Initiative serves to amplify research findings and translate them to a broader community of state and local governments, nonprofit providers, philanthropies, and others dedicated…

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Livable City Year

Urban@UW was a founding partner supporting Livable City Year (LCY), an initiative designed to connect one city to faculty and courses at the University of Washington over one academic year in order to address city-identified issues of livability and sustainability. An opt-in program launched by UW faculty Branden Born (Department of Urban Design and Planning) and Jen Otten (School of Public…

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Spark Grants Program

Urban@UW Research Spark Grants The mission of Urban@UW is to catalyze, support and amplify collaborative research-to-practice efforts that address today's urban challenges. As part of our effort to lift up and enable such efforts, Urban@UW has launched a Research Spark Grants program, available to scholars across all three UW campuses to pursue research interests in…

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Urban Environmental Justice Initiative

Today’s urban challenges are embedded with critical inequities in how people and communities relate to and are affected by their surrounding environments. These inequities are often the result of entrenched policies and institutions that have protected some groups while marginalizing others to lands and situations where environmental protection and health are lacking; in the United…

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With over 80% of the planet impacted by urbanization in an accelerating trend, this moment in history is defined by a clarion call for inclusive, data-driven innovation to improve the resiliency, health, and well-being of cities. As an effort led by Bill Howe, Urbanalytics is a campus-wide effort to advance municipal big data projects. Urbanalytics will…

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