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Emerald Corridor Collaboratory


Meaningful city-university partnerships can be effective in combating urban challenges such as sustainability, transportation, homelessness, or planning. Leveraging the strengths of institution and local government, city-university partnerships can save resources and maximize efficiency.

The Emerald Corridor Collaboratory aims to develop a regional network between four city-university partnerships in the Pacific Northwest:

  • Portland, Oregon & Portland State University
  • Vancouver, British Columbia & University of British Columbia
  • Seattle, Washington & University of Washington
  • Bellingham, Washington & Western Washington University


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While developing this network, the Emerald Corridor Collaboratory will study the mechanisms involved in creating and maintaining a successful network of backbone organizations (e.g. city-university partnerships). Tools, such as formative evaluation, will be used to inform our process and promote success.

Each city-university partnership is working on projects within their locale. Success of this initiative will be measured based on the strength of the Emerald Corridor Collaboratory network and the outcomes of each project. Results from this study will provide a regional network model that can be expanded to further urban resiliency.

This webpage provides information on each of the four partnering universities, relevant events, and related resources.

Partners and Collaborators

Each partnering university has multiple persons involved in the Emerald Corridor Collaboratory. A list of these specific university partners, as well as links to their group’s web page, is provided in the sections below.

University Partners

Fletcher Beaudoin
Fletcher Beaudoin
Assistant Director,  Institute for Sustainable Solutions
Portland State University, Portland OR




Jennifer Davison
Jennifer Davison
Program Director, Urban@UW
University of Washington, Seattle WA




Nabil Kamel
Nabil Kamel
Associate Professor, Environmental Studies
Western Washington University, Bellingham WA




Molly Kramer
Molly Baer Kramer
Project Manager, Institute for Sustainable Solutions
Portland State University, Portland OR




Lindsey MacDonald
Coordinator, Sustainable Communities Partnership
Office of Sustainability
Western Washington University, Bellingham WA




Angelique Pilon
Angelique Pilon
Director, Urban Innovation Research
University Sustainability Initiative
University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC




Victoria Smith
Victoria Smith
Director, Regional and Community Engagement
University Sustainability Initiative
University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC




Thaisa Way
Thaisa Way
Professor, Landscape Architecture
Faculty Director, Urban@UW
University of Washington, Seattle WA





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Projects may vary across the region in scope and progress. Below is a list of the Emerald Corridor Collaboratory’s pilot projects and their leads. Project descriptions and progress will be updated through this initiative’s lifetime.


Portland State University & Portland

Project Pending – to be updated

University Leads: Fletcher Beaudoin and Molly Kramer

City Partners: TBD


University of British Columbia & Vancouver

Project Pending – to be updated

University Leads: Angelique Pilon and Victoria Smith

City Partners: Doug Smith and Brad Badelt


University of Washington & Seattle

Project Pending – to be updated

University Leads: Jennifer Davison and Thaisa Way

City Partners: TBD


Western Washington University & Bellingham

Project Pending – to be updated

University Leads: Lindsey MacDonald and Nabil Kamel

City Partners: Brian Heinrich and Rick Sepler


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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events are listed below. Updates to this section will be provided as key event details, such as date and location, are identified.


Fall 2018 Network Meeting

Date: Fall 2018 (Month & Day TBD)
Location: TBD


Winter 2019 Network Meeting

Date: January 28, 2019
Location: Portland, OR


Winter 2019 Core Team Meeting

Date: January 29, 2019
Location: Portland, OR


Spring 2019 Network Meeting

Date: March 15, 2019
Location: Bellingham, WA


Spring 2019 Core Team Meeting

Date: March 16, 2019
Location: Bellingham, WA


Summer 2019 Network Meeting

Date: June 2019 (Day TBD)
Location: Vancouver, BC


Summer 2019 Core Team Meeting

Date: June 2019 (Day TBD)
Location: Vancouver, BC


Fall 2019 Network Meeting

Date: November 12, 2019
Location: Seattle, WA


Fall 2019 Core Team Meeting

Date: November 13, 2019
Location: Seattle, WA

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Past Events

Past events are listed below. When available, links to attendance lists, agendas, meeting minutes are provided as well.


Emerald Corridor Collaboratory: Launch Event

Date: June 4 – 5, 2018
Location: University of Washington


Fall 2018 Core Team Meeting

Date: Monday, September 17, 2018
Location: Seattle, Washington (Bullitt Center Building)



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Related Resources

Relevant articles, reports, and research papers provide direction for this collaboration and individual projects. Below is a list of some of many resources that are relevant to this initiative:

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