Principal Giving

The Principal Giving Program (PGP) serves our donors and prospects who have the capacity and affinity to make transformational and/or legacy gifts to any area of the UW, with an emphasis on the power of ongoing, high touch relationships with these donors and prospects. Principal Giving at the University of Washington refers to high capacity Individuals, Corporations or Foundations capable of making lifetime commitments of 7, 8, or 9 figure gifts.We are donor centric, focusing on relationships and connections. We drive the creation of informed, long-range strategies for these prospects – strategies that honor their passions & respect their multiple interests, strategies designed to bridge external interests with institutional priorities, strategies that allow our donors to stretch their philanthropic partnership with UW.PGP staff focus their efforts on managing, facilitating, and furthering the cultivation and eventual solicitation of these top prospects (especially individuals) for institutional priorities. Contact Information

4333 Brooklyn Ave NE
UW Tower, Box 359515
University of Washington
Principal Giving
Seattle, WA 98195-9515



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Principal Giving Team

Jan Labyak
Assistant Vice President
Principal Giving

Steve Hettinga

Holly Tobosa
Assistant Director

Leslie F. Anderson
Advancement Services Officer

Laura Gee
Advancement Writer

Some of our major efforts are summarized below:

  • Create for each PGP individualized cultivation and solicitation plans, in consultation with the President, Provost, Vice President for Advancement, Advancement colleagues, and key volunteers. We make recommendations for next steps, and support colleagues with cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship.
  • We staff the President, the Provost, the Vice President of Advancement, and others (Volunteers, Deans, Faculty and, top administrators and Advancement Colleagues) in their contact with these individuals, and build our own personal relationships with them. We prepare appropriate briefings, talking points and scripts, coordinating their activities with those of other university leaders, and otherwise keeping them as well informed as possible about all forms of university outreach to and solicitation plans for these prospects.
  • Coordinate all cultivation activities associated with principal giving prospects with respect to Advancement colleagues (and, through these colleagues, their deans). Keep colleagues well informed of contacts and outreach emanating from other units, e.g. share proposals, or as appropriate ensure all interested parties are involved in key efforts focused on specific prospects.
  • Assist colleagues in developing proposals to put before prospects.
  • Play a leadership role in strategizing about solicitations and as appropriate, participate in actual solicitations and provide expertise for structuring the optimal gift or gifts, especially those involving complex assets or deferred gift arrangements.
  • Help identify new or future principal giving prospects.