University Advancement Intranet


These forms allow ATS to collect the information we need in order to serve you efficiently.  Please use these forms when you have any of the following needs or occasions.

New Advancement Staff (3 Working Day’s Notice Required for Best Service)
Managers, use this form to alert ATS of a new staff person starting in one of our units.  Use it for student and temporary workers as well.  Remember, ATS works with Nebula to arrange all user account details.  This form gives us the information we need in order to do this.

Staff Separation or Transfer
Managers, use this form when you have a staff person who is leaving UW employment or moving to another unit. ATS works with Nebula to complete the user account separation process.

Request New Computer Equipment
Use this form with your unit’s budget information to request replacement or additional computer hardware.
(Note: Primary work computers are replaced on a regular schedule at no charge to you, and are scheduled by ATS. No need to request.)

Request New Software
Use this form to request software that requires purchase of a license to use. If the software requires no license purchase you may simply email or to request assistance.

Computer Workstation Move Notification
Use this form to notify ATS when you are moving a staff member to a new location so that we can update our staff inventory records accordingly.