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Computer Workstation Move Notification

Use this form to notify ATS when you are moving a staff member to a new location or switching equipment from one staff member to another so that we can update our staff inventory records accordingly.  We associate the name of a staff member with a location and computer equipment tags.  When one or both of these conditions change, we need to update our system:

  • Tagged computer equipment assignment change from one staff member to another
  • Staff member moves to a new office or workstation

Please fill in each field possible for a given staff member, with information that applies after the change.

We identify inventoried equipment by the ATS inventory tags.  They will look like one of these:

UA Inventory Tags

Change(s) Aplly to: Staff Name (required)

Change(s) Apply to: Staff Email (required)

Type(s) of Changes Indicated: (required):
Staff location moveAssigned equipment changes

Change Effective Date: (required):

Staff Located in Building (required):

Office or Workstation No. (required):

Monitor Tag No.:

Add'l Monitor Tag No., if Any:

Desktop Computer Tag No.:

iMac Tag No.:

Laptop Tag No.:

Docking Station Tag No.:

Additional items with tag numbers, if applicable:

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