Staff Separation or Transfer

Use this form to alert ATS of a staff person separating from your central Advancement units.  Use it for student and temporary workers as well.  Use it also for transfers to another UW unit outside of Central Advancement.

After submitting this form you will receive an email confirmation of your request, and ATS will assist by carrying out or delegate steps necessary for completing the staff person’s account and equipment deactivation.

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Separating or Transferring Staff


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Exchange Account

If the separating staff member has scheduled meetings in Outlook into the future, especially recurring meetings, they will become unmanageable once the account is removed. Please have a remaining staff member replace these recurring meetings before requesting that the separating staff Exchange account be deleted. Ideally the departing staff member will remove the future occurrences as well.

I have verified that there are no future recurring meetings, or it does not apply, and the Exchange account should be handled this way:

The replacement of meetings has not yet been done.


Are there any issues with the PC or Mac that should be addressed before the replacement staff arrives?

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