Life-Cycle of a Workstation

Because ATS partners with Nebula to provide workstations and network support, it can be confusing to the client who must figure out whom to contact for support under different circumstances.  This Life-Cycle of a Workstation might assist with understanding how we hand off the procurement, care and replacement of your workstation, from one unit to the other.

As always, if you contact ATS or Nebula each unit will refer to the other one if needed so don’t worry about making the wrong guess!


Stage Key Contact Description
New Staff Position (including students and temporary staff) Hiring manager Fill out new staff account request; include request for new hardware, usually monitor and computer, and your budget information.  (Basic wired mouse and keyboard are included.)
Procure Hardware ATS Either via order or retrieval from stock on hand, ATS obtains the requested computer and monitor hardware.
Configuration ATS & Nebula ATS partners with Nebula to make sure that the image and configurations on the computer meet network support requirements.The new staff accounts are set up with the access requested in the staff account request form.
Installation ATS ATS provides the hardware to the new staff person’s location along with a set of procedures for first use when new staff arrives.This usually includes an appointment with the new staff person to provide basic computing knowledge.  See also the New Staff Computing Orientation.
Software Installation ATS coordinates If you require additional software beyond the included suite, additional titles may be allowed for free, especially MS titles, and ATS can assist with getting it installed.  ATS might request Nebula to send a package directly to your computer.  A license purchase might be necessary.  Use the New Software Request form with your unit’s budget in case a license purchase is necessary (required for Adobe and some other licenses).
Computer Maintenance Nebula If your computer malfunctions, contact Nebula for support.  Nebula can arrange for a temporary loaner during repair of your computer.  Nebula might contact and work with ATS if needed.
Mac Maintenance ATS Our CMG group can perform warranty covered or other maintenance for Macs and ATS will coordinate CMG service if necessary, or may defer to the Apple store under the AppleCare extended warranty terms.
Monitor Maintenance ATS If a monitor malfunctions, ATS will coordinate troubleshooting and possible replacement at the unit’s expense.
Printer Maintenance Unit If the workstation includes a personal printer, the unit is responsible for funding and requesting maintenance from the UW’s Computer Maintenance Group.  See CMG request form here.
Replacement and Surplus ATS On a regular cycle, usually four years, PC’s are replaced proactively by ATS with the current standard model at no charge to the unit. The replaced computer is transferred to the Surplus department.