University Advancement Intranet

6: Content Strategy Tips

Advice from UW Marketing’s Gina Hills

Don’t Just Fill Space Because It’s There

  • Is the content in question used?
  • What is its value to the recipient?
  • Can it be presented in a more pithy way?
  • Use bullets.

Consider Your Words

  • Replace jargon with common sense language where possible.
  • Rename pages and documents with descriptive titles and phrases.

Don’t Duplicate Pages and Documents

  • If you want to provide content to more than one audience, produce it in one place, but link to it in as many places as make sense.
  • If central UW already produces content, such as inclement weather policies and closure statuses, do not copy and publish an additional page with them.  Instead link to the main UW inclement weather page or pages.

Re-evaluate Your Area’s Content

  • Different pages will need to be evaluated on different schedules.  When you produce content, decide how frequently it will need to be vetted for currency, and schedule future evaluations ahead.

And remember:  Content is King!