University Advancement Intranet

4: Creating “Child” Pages

“Parent” Pages and Child Pages

You will need to create an entirely new page from time to time.  When you do, it will be a “child” page of a pre-existing “parent” page.  Parent pages have children pages that are attached to it on the left hand navigation menu.  In this example, the arrows point to the children of the encircled parents.

Adding a New Page

When you are ready to add a Child page, click the “Add New” link in the WordPress editor.  This create a brand new page.

  • Give your page a title.
  • Select the Parent of this new page under Page Attributes.

The title and parent page are what give this page its unique URL.

Continue entering text, graphics and links into your page.

  • Before you are ready to publish the page to the site, you can preview the page to see if it looks the way you want it to.  Click the Preview button.
  • You can save the page in draft form for future publishing.  Click the Save Draft button.
  • When you are ready to publish it for the rest of the Intranet users, click the Publish button.

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