3: Working with Graphics


When using WordPress, you will need to have graphic images that have been saved in a location where you can retrieve them at the time you are editing, rather than pasting them from a web page or document.

To save an image from a web page, right-click it, select Save Image As… and complete the dialog.

Inserting a New Image into a Page

When you come to the point in which you would like to insert your image, click the Upload/Insert “Add an Image” button which looks like this:

This will open an extensive dialog where you can configure several important properties about the image.

First, browse to the file and click Upload.

This will provide a preview of the picture to be uploaded,with several formatting and meta data options.  Please note these recommendations.  The text that you enter into these fields is searchable within the site and will help web site users find the pictures and pages that they need.


Link URL:  Accept default.
Title:  Give your picture a title.
Caption:  This will appear underneath the picture.
Alternate Text:  This is the text that appears when someone hovers their mouse above the picture.  It is important for vision impaired users who use a screen reader to know what the picture is.
Description:  This will not appear on the page but is important to enter if it will assist with search terms.
Alignment:  Choose Left, Center or Right.
Size:  Choose smallest that will have a good appearance on your page.  (If the user clicks the picture, a full size image will open.)

Click Insert into Post when you have finished entering the metadata, or information about the picture.

Inserting an Existing Image into a Page

If you wish to use a picture that has already been uploaded by yourself or someone else, choose Media Library and select the image from the list.

Then you can enter in any additional information about the image and choose Insert into page.

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