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Principal Investigator: Jeffrey J Gray et al.
Contact: Angela Loihl
PyROSETTA is an interactive Python script-based front-end to the ROSETTA molecular modeling software suite. Through an easy to use interface, it enables the user to access all major ROSETTA objects and functions, allowing the user to design their own cust...
ROSETTA++ Software       
Principal Investigator: David Baker et al.
Contact: Angela Loihl
ROSETTA++ is a software suite for predicting and designing protein structures, protein folding mechanisms, and protein-protein interactions.
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K*Sync Software       
Principal Investigator: David Baker and Dylan Chivian
Contact: Angela Loihl
K*Sync generates sequence-to-structure alignments using dynamic programming and a scoring function that combines information on many protein features.
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Principal Investigator: Zoran Popovic et al
Contact: Angela Loihl
Description The software provides a natural, intuitive interface to user-centered protein manipulation for the purpose of solving structure prediction and design problems for proteins, and more generally other 3D structure related biochemistry problems. ...


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