UW Start-ups

More than 250 companies have been started by UW template students and faculty or with UW technology.

PatientStream provides a suite of cloud-based applications that increases hospital operating room efficiencies by replacing whiteboards with an automated, information exchange incorporating cutting-edge display technology.
JointMetrix is developing a medical monitoring device used to improve outcomes for knee and other joint replacements.
BEAT Biotherapeutics has developed a novel gene therapy that is capable of entirely restoring heart function in patients with heart failure.
Viket Medical Corp has designed a simple, miniature surgical tool for removing brain clots in minutes.
Nexgenia develops polymer-based nanotechnology that improves the speed and sensitivity of clinical laboratory tests for the diagnosis of infectious diseases, cancer, and metabolic disorders.
Lodespin develops biocompatible Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide (SPIO) nanoparticle contrast agents and tracers optimized for a variety of medical imaging modalities and applications. LodeSpin has created the highest-performing "gold standard" tracer for Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI), a tomographic imaging technology developed by Philips and capable of high resolution and high speed without the use of harmful radiation.
Kona Medical is a novel, non-invasive technology for the treatment of hypertension.
Aqueduct Aqueduct is developing a technology platform that addresses the most frequent causes of failure in current shunt devices for hydrocephalus, the excess accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.
Cardiac Insight is working to bring to market a device to improve monitoring and diagnosis of atrial fibrillation (AF), the most common abnormality in heart rhythm.
CisThera CisThera is developing innovative therapeutics to treat cancer, cardiac disease, autoimmune diseases, as well as chronic kidney and liver diseases. The technology licensed from UW is being developed to specifically protect against the tissue damage that occurs as a result of many acute or chronic medical conditions.
MiCareo MiCareo is translating a new technique for the isolation of rare cells—such as the isolation of circulating tumor cells and the use of these cells as prognostic markers for monitoring cancer and the early detection of cancer recurrence—to the clinic.
My Mercury Risk My Mercury Risk is focusing on the gene-environment interactions that explain susceptibility of humans to toxicity from heavy metal exposures and developing tests to detect polymorphisms in specific genes that explain why some individuals or subgroups, such as children or the elderly, are more susceptible to the toxic effects of metals than others.

Compliment is developing a novel approach to cancer therapy which uses a recombinant protein to enhance the action of monoclonal antibodies in attacking cancer cells.
Resolve Resolve Therapeutics is dedicated to the goal of improving the lives of patients suffering from lupus by advancing a novel biologic compound, RSLV-125 from preclinical research through a phase IIa clinical trial.
Arzeda Arzeda’s technology integrates the power of chemical catalysis, the high selectivity of biological macromolecules, and the speed of computational design to engineer novel enzymes not available in nature.
Fate Therapeutics Founded in 2007, Fate Therapeutics brings together the nation’s foremost scientists in stem cell research—from the nation’s research hotbeds (Boston, San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle)—to develop stem cell therapeutics using the fundamental biological mechanisms that guide cell fate.
Impel NeuroPharma Impel Neuropharma has developed a unique nasal delivery device that utilizes direct “nose-to-brain” transport to improve drug delivery.
XORI XORI Corp. is focused on a technology for the rapid discovery and development of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for oncology, immune disorders, and infectious disease.
Healionics Healionics’ technology provides substrate-independent, precision-engineered, 3D biomaterial scaffolds that enhance the biocompatibility of existing and next-generation medical devices.
CorazonX CorazonX was founded to commercialize a new ultrasound technology to detect coronary artery disease by sensing vibrations in the arterial walls caused by the presence of plaques.
Inson Medical Systems Inson Medical Systems is developing polymer-based materials to allow a constant dose of a drug over time. The first product is being developed as an eye implant to treat cataracts in animals.
Phase Rx PhaseRx seeks to develop a way to deliver therapies based on siRNA, or small interfering RNA, a technique that allows genes linked to maladies to be switched off.
VentriPoint VentriPoint creates diagnostic tools to monitor patients with heart disease. Using data from existing medical imaging devices, the VentriPoint Diagnostic System generates accurate heart measurements in a rapid and inexpensive manner.
PhysioSonics PhysioSonics is developing ultrasound imaging technology to monitor blood flow in the brain.
Seattle Sensor Systems Seattle Sensors manufactures a portable biosensor that can detect chemicals, bio-warfare agents, toxins, viruses, bacteria, and chemicals.