Impact Statements

Animals and the Environment

  • $5 per pay period will purchase and plant a fruit tree for an urban orchard, providing a community with up to 150 pounds of fresh fruit a year for decades (Earthshare Washington)
  • $25 a month provides preventative medicine for one wolf (Wolf Haven International)
  • $500 installs a remote camera in a vital wildlife corridor near I-90 wildlife crossings, and supports a team in our Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project (Conservation Northwest)

Arts, Culture & Humanities

  • $10 a month sponsors one child in an eight-week art class (Arts Corps)
  • $12 a month supports one hour of educational and informative weekend programming such as This American Life and Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me (KNKX 88.5)
  • $20 a month supports our volunteer-run organization promoting, celebrating, and creativing opportunities to showcase local, national, and international Deaf artists and their works (Deaf Spotlight)

Children, Youth & Family Services

  • $5 ensures that a youth living in foster care has their own cap and gown on graduation day (Treehouse)
  • $20 a month provides two day laborers or domestic workers access to Casa Latina’s Day Worker Center and job dispatch services for one day helping them improve their skills and find work to support their families (Casa Latina)

Disaster Relief & Emergency Services

  • $1 vaccinates a child against the deadly threat of measles (American Red Cross)
  • $30 a month feeds five hungry children (Mercy Corps)
  • $75 supplies a bicycle to a Red Cross volunteer in another country allowing them to reach remote villages in need of help (American Red Cross)

Education & Literacy

  • $25 pays for test preparation materials to help a student place into college-level classes (Seattle Education Access)
  • $50 covers the cost of one new Facilitator Training to prepare domestic and international students
  • $100 provides students with special needs the opportunity to interact with their mainstream peers while refining fine motor skills and cognitive functions by providing educational software for the classroom (Northshore Schools Foundation)
  • $150 sends a FIUTS student to a local classroom to share their culture with K-12 students in Seattle, promoting cross-cultural understanding (Foundation for International Understanding Through Students)

Health & Medical Research

  • $5 per pay period covers the cost of a pair of children’s crutches (Community Health Charities)
  • $10 per pay period pays for supplies and materials for a children’s camp session (Community Health Charities)
  • $21 pays for one minute of diabetes research (Community Health Charities)
  • $25 provides a homeless child with clean clothes (Community Health Charities)
  • $35 provides three children with essential immunizations (Community Health Charities)
  • $50 supports a platelet count test to advance children’s health research (Community Health Charities)
  • $100 provides five middle school students with sports exams at a school-based health center (NeighborCare Health)

Housing & Homelessness

  • $5 a month will purchase one adult staying in a shelter a fresh pair of socks, a toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant (Catholic Community Services of Western Washington)
  • $50 buys 34 pairs of new socks to keep kids feet warm and dry (YouthCare)
  • $250 fills baby cupboards and toddler pantries with healthy age-appropriate food for infants and toddlers, as well as make much-needed supplies available such as breast pumps, diapers, and food grinders for mothers living on low incomes. (Solid Ground)

Human Services

  • $4 per pay period provides luggage for a family embarking on an exciting travel wish adventure (Make-A-Wish Foundation)
  • $25 buys meals for a mother and child at DAWN’s House for two days (Domestic Abuse Women’s Network)
  • $100 pays the adoption fee for one dog from a shelter (Summit Assistance Dogs)

Food & Food Distribution

  • $10 per month provides 720 pounds of nutritious food including rice and beans, fruits, vegetables, rolled oats, meat, and pasta (Northwest Harvest)
  • $150 will supply 15 weeks’ worth of food for a student in our backpack program (Ballard Food Bank)
  • $100 provides a family with a bag of groceries every week for a month (Family Works Food Bank and Resource Center)

International Relief & Development

  • $5 a month will provide a BioSand Water Filter for a poor family in sub-Saharan Africa or Asia, ensuring clean water for the family for 30 years (Friendly Water for the World)
  • $20 per pay period delivers enough diabetes medication to treat 150 patients in Haiti for a month (Global Impact)
  • $25 a month can stock a pond with 250 baby fish or shrimp that will continue to multiply, providing a sustainable source of nutritious food and income (Samaritan’s Purse)

Senior Centers & Services

  • $8 a month can provide training and support for Friend to Friend America volunteers to ensure they are able to erase loneliness one senior at a time (Friend to Friend America)
  • $30 a month helps four senior citizens stay independent through in-home assistance (United Way of San Juan County)
  • $100 guides and assists a senior in navigating their unique problem/s with a consultation session and in-home assessment from a licensed social worker (Wallingford Community Senior Center)