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About Us

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The Center for Health Innovation & Policy Science was initiated in 2017 thanks to generous financial backing from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Office of the Dean of the School of Public Health, and the Department of Health Services.

Our Vision

The Center for Health Innovation & Policy Science (CHIPS) will improve health across communities and the lifespan through our work to innovate, evaluate, and train in health policy and health systems science.

Our Mission

Influence health policy to improve the health of our communities and the ability of community partners and health systems to reduce health disparities and improve health outcomes

How?   We partner with government agencies, healthcare systems, and nonprofit organizations across the Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho (WWAMI) region and nationally to leverage our expertise in policy, intervention, implementation, and evaluation to enable effective and efficient utilization of resources for meaningful and sustainable gains in population health and reductions in disparities. We produce evidence-based policy briefs from a neutral perspective.

Develop a pipeline of experts in health policy and health systems research

How?   We actively work to expand and diversify the pool of researchers, clinicians, administrators, and analysts who are trained and prepared to use health policy and health systems research methods in their work.

Bring together evaluation, dissemination, and implementation methods that balance rigor, innovation, and pragmatic feasibility

How?   We develop and implement study designs, outcomes measures, and analytic methods, and strategies for evidence synthesis, dissemination, and implementation for use in real world settings of health policy and health systems.

Innovate strategies that facilitate effective, efficient, and evidence-based clinical encounters

How?   We seek to design, implement, and rigorously evaluate innovative and practical interventions that drive evidence-based behavior change in provider and patient behaviors for patient-centered and value-based improvements in clinical outcomes and health systems operations.


The Center for Health Innovation & Policy Science (CHIPS) brings together individuals from a variety of backgrounds that share the same vision of working in health policy and health systems science to improve health across communities and the lifespan.

Michelle M. Garrison portrait

Michelle M. Garrison
Research Associate Professor, Health Services
Research Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Molly Firth portrait

Policy and Evaluation Manager
Molly Firth
Clinical Instructor, Health Services

Layla Booshehri portrait

Layla Booshehri
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Health Services

Douglas A. Conrad portrait

Douglas A. Conrad
Professor Emeritus, Health Services

Jerome A. Dugan portrait

Jerome A. Dugan
Assitant Professor, Health Services

Todd Edwards portrait

Todd Edwards
Associate Professor, Health Services

Paul Fishman portrait

Paul Fishman
Professor, Health Services

David Grembowski portrait

David Grembowski
Professor, Health Services
Professor, Oral Health Sciences

Jeffrey R. Harris portrait

Jeffrey R. Harris
Professor and Chair, Health Services

Aaron Katz portrait

Aaron Katz
Principal Lecturer, Health Services

Larry Kessler portrait

Larry Kessler
Professor, Health Services

Sarah Knerr portrait

Sarah Knerr
Acting Assistant Professor, Health Services

Donald L. Patrick portrait

Donald L. Patrick
Professor, Health Services

Jeanne M. Sears portrait

Jeanne M. Sears
Research Associate Professor, Health Services

Edwin Wong portrait

Edwin Wong
Research Assistant Professor, Health Services
Core Investigator, VA Puget Sound HealthCare System

Suzanne Wood portrait

Suzanne Wood
Assistant Professor, Health Services

Donald Chi portrait

Donald Chi
Associate Professor, Oral Health Sciences

Kelly Gilmore portrait

Kelly Gilmore
Clinical Instructor, Health Services

Theresa Hoeft portrait

Theresa Hoeft
Research Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Jeffrey Jarvik portrait

Jeffrey Jarvik
Professor, Radiology
Professor, Health Services
Professor, Neurological Surgery

Jessica Jones-Smith portrait

Jessica Jones-Smith
Associate Professor, Health Services
Associate Professor, Epidemiology

Joshua Liao portrait

Joshua Liao
Assistant Professor, Medicine

Amber Sabbatiniportrait

Amber Sabbatini
Acting Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine

Jennifer Sonney portrait

Jennifer Sonney
Assistant Professor, Nursing

Carolin Spice portrait

Carolin Spice
Senior Lecturer, Health Services

Teresa Ward portrait

Teresa Ward
Associate Professor, Nursing

Bryan Weiner portrait

Bryan Weiner
Professor, Health Services
Professor, Global Health

Emily C. Williams portrait

Emily C. Williams
Associate Professor, Health Services

James Kelley portrait Research Coordinator

James Kelley

Cindy Larison portrait Research Consultant

Cindy Larison

Lars Almquist portrait Graduate Research Assistant

Lars Almquist

Ariana Anjaz portrait Undergraduate Research Intern

Ariana Anjaz

Laura Bender portrait Graduate Research Assistant

Laura Bender, MS
Graduated 2018