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Policy Briefs and Reports

Briefs and Reports

The following are briefs and reports written by Center for Health Innovation and Policy Science (CHIPS) faculty, staff, and affiliated researchers. Policy briefs and reports are prepared based on topics identified by policy stakeholder and community partners throughout Washington state.

If you have a policy brief topic you would like us to write on or you are interested in writing with CHIPS, please contact us at

Title Author Date Link
Closing the Mental Health Treatment Gap by Growing the Master's Level Workforce Jessica Acolin, MA May 2022 Policy Brief
In Pursuit of Financial Stability: Addressing the Solvency Challenges Facing Rural Hospitals in Washington State Yenny Guzman, MD May 2022 Policy Brief
Expanding Medicaid Through Federal Waivers: A Key Tool for Achieving Universal Health Coverage Allyson O'Connor, MPH, PhC May 2022 Policy Brief
Effects of Heat Waves on Population Health: The Challenges Facing Socioeconomically Vulnerable Groups Living in Urban Areas Across Washington State Rachel Ross, MPH-c May 2022 Policy Brief
Improving Access to Behavioral Health Services for Racial and Ethnic Minority Youth Victoria Bowers, MPH-c October 2021 Policy Brief
Health Insurance Cost Sharing - A Blunt Instrument with Targeted Effects Victoria Bowers, MPH-c September 2021 Policy Brief
Overcoming Barriers to Access Health Care - The Challenges Facing Minorities and Immigrants in Washington State Layla G. Booshehri, PhD, Jerome A. Dugan, PhD August 2021 Policy Brief
Homeshare Study Policy Recommendations for the Washington State Senate Housing and Local Government Committee Amy Hagopian, PhD,
Cassidy Farrow, MPH,
Nicholas Locke, MPH
February 2021 Report
Saving Rural Hospitals Molly Firth, MPH November 2019 Policy Brief
Medicaid Work Requirements: A Whammy for the WWAMI Region Daysha Gunther, MPHc, Molly Firth, MPH October 2019 Policy Brief
Expand VA Health Care for Veterans and Their Families Molly Firth, MPH August 2019 Policy Brief
The Doula Option: An Opportunity to Improve Birth Outcomes in Washington State Cate Sturtevant, MPHc, CD(DONA), Molly Firth, MPH March 2019 Policy Brief
Premiums and Cost-Sharing for Low-Income Adults Jordan Banks July 2017 Issue Brief
Value-Based Insurance Design Kai Yeung, PharmD, PhD, Anirban Basu, PhD July 2017 Issue Brief
Effects of State Non-Group Health Insurance Market Reforms on Market Stability and Effectiveness Lina Pinero Walkinshaw, MPH June 2017 Issue Brief
High-Deductible Health Plans Lindsay White, PhD, MPH June 2017 Issue Brief