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Research Areas

The Center for Health Innovation & Policy Science works in three unique, but equally important, domains: state health policy, health systems, and social determinants of health. Within these three domains, CHIPS researchers have formed specific interests and developed new insights toward the advancement of health across communities and the life.

Across all of our work, CHIPS maintains a commitment toward advancing health equity. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live their healthiest life possible and not be hindered by their social position or other socially determined circumstances. Therefore, we make it a priority that in all of our efforts, we pay special attention to the needs of those at greatest risk of poor health.


State Innovation Models (SIM) Studies

Research led by the University of Washington around SIM took place over two separate evaluations — the Washington State SIM Evaluation and the SIM Follow-Up Evaluation — that explored whether Washington state's SIM Model improved population health, quality of care, and cost growth over three years of implementation.


Health Insurance

Health insurance is a key component to any strong health system. Because it involves multiple different stakeholders, all with varying interests, the issues within the American health insurnace field is increasingly complex. CHIPS aims to unpack the challenges within this system to provide the most equitable outcome for all of those affected.

Rural Health

Where someone lives can have a huge impact on their health - from the resources that are available there to the kind of lifestyles that make up that community. CHIPS understands that there are specific needs of rural communities and are interested in knowing how they shape health outcomes and how best we can learn from, support, and improve them.

Housing and Health

Where you live and how you live affects your health. Is your housing stable? Is it affordable? Is it safe? Is your neighborhood inclusive and friendly? Is it near resources and services? CHIPS' Housing and Health working group works on exploring these housing and health relationships.