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The Center for Health Innovation & Policy Science (CHIPS) is dedicated to bringing about the best innovations in health and how policy can accelerate those advances. This work is a team effort and we have a variety of ways each one of us can get involved.

If you are looking to collaborate with CHIPS, please contact to find out how we can work together to advance health across communities and the lifespan.

Policy and Evaluation Service

CHIPS offers a Policy and Evaluation Service that serves to match internal and external partners seeking expertise in intervention, implementation, evaluation, evidence synthesis, and policy with faculty and/or trainees with the requisite skills, experience, and interest.

Trainee and Career Opportunities

CHIPS is committed to equipping the next generation of health policy and health systems leaders through both training opportunities and staff positions.

Monthly Seminar

CHIPS holds a monthly, interdisciplinary seminar. Each month we feature a different speaker that equips attendees with discrete, tangible skills and/or immediately actionable information to further their career development in health policy and health systems science. These seminars also offer the opportunity to network with each other with the aim of developing new collaborations that innovate interdisciplinary grant and project ideas.