Julie Medero

NLP in Patient-Directed Medical Displays

When patients are in the Emergency Department (ED), extensive electronic records are kept about the their visit. The patient's complaints and background are recorded, along with doctors' notes and records of every test that is ordered and every medication that is administered. Currently, though, that information is not available to the patient, or to the patient's family and friends who are with them in the hospital. In this talk, I will summarize work done this summer with the NLP and CUE groups at MSR on ways that NLP technologies can be used to make electronic medical records accessible to patients in the context of a mobile, patient-friendly display. In particular, we look at normalization and splitting of the Chief Complaint records that are entered by triage nurses when patients arrive at the ED, and at extracting "patient-friendly" explanations of lab tests and medications from consumer health websites.

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