Thank you to all who attended the International Statistical Ecology Conference 2016. Over 300 experts from around the world convened in Seattle to present research findings and discuss issues of interest to ecological statisticians and biologists.

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Invited Speakers:

Byron Morgan
, Emeritus Professor of Statistics
University of Kent
Presentation: Citizen Science: Trick or Treat?
Marie-Josée Fortin, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Toronto
Presentation: Spatial, Temporal and Demographic Connectivity: How Novel Network Algorithms Can Help Investigating Species Connectivity in Fragmented Landscapes
Ray Hilborn, Professor, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
University of Washington
Keynote Presentation: The merging of mathematical ecology and statistics: A retrospective look from the 1970s to present
Bob O’Hara
, Researcher
Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre
Presentation:  What Are We: Statistical Ecologists or Ecological Statisticians?
Ruth King
Thomas Bayes Professor of Statistics
University of Edinburgh
Presentation: The Past, the Present and the Future of Capture-Recapture
David Warton
, Eco-Stats Research Group
University of New South Wales
Presentation: The Case of the Missing Model:
The Modernisation of Multivariate Analysis in Ecology
Jim Nichols
, Research Wildlife Biologist (retired)
Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, USGS
Presentation: On the Accumulation of Evidence in Programs of Conservation and Science

Contributed talk and poster sessions will cover many areas of interest to statistical ecologists and biologists, including (but not limited to) abundance estimation, animal movement, big data, biodiversity, capture-recapture, citizen science, community dynamics, disease ecology, distance sampling, epidemiology, evolutionary ecology, fisheries, individual-based models, integrated population models, metapopulation dynamics, multispecies models, occupancy models, population dynamics, spatial ecology, species distribution models, and survey design.

Pre-Conference Workshops:

Sunday 26 June
Spatially-explicit capture-recapture (David Borchers)
Bayesian model selection and decision theory for ecologists (Mevin Hooten)

Monday 27 June
Analysis of occupancy data using hidden Markov models and E-SURGE (Olivier Gimenez, Rémi Choquet, & Roger Pradel)
Flexible programming with BUGS models: Using NIMBLE for MCMC and beyond (Perry de Valpine)
Spatial statistical models for stream networks (Jay Ver Hoef & Erin Peterson)