UW Math Day

Program Details

During each of the three sessions students have three options available to them:

1) Concurrent Lecture Sessions

The major emphasis of Math Day is on concurrent lecture sessions which feature a wide variety of topics. Most lectures are located close to Kane Hall. They are primarily in campus buildings either in The Quad or near Drumheller Fountain. Tickets are not needed for these lectures, but rooms are subject to filling to their maximum capacity.

2) Campus Field Trips / Tours
(tickets required)

Also scheduled during each of the three sessions are, field trips to various campus laboratories and facilities where math is put to use every day.  Capacity for these activities is limited  so hard copy tickets are issued to attendees (students, teachers and adult chaperones) which are required to participate.  Not every attendee at Math Day can participate in a ticketed field trip or activity. Tickets are randomly assigned to each school. Every contact person per school can expect to be issued enough tickets to equal 40%-50% of their school’s total registered attendees.

More ticket details:

  • Attendees with tickets should meet their guides outside of Kane Hall, ten minutes before the field trip/activity starts. Have your ticket ready to give to your guide!
  • Attendees must have the appropriate ticket for the field trip or activity in which they are participating OR be added from the standby line to participate.

3) Drop In Activity in Kane Hall Lobby.  Tickets are not needed and students can join these activities at any time during the session. This activity is provided by the Math N Stuff store in Seattle.


Students should bring their own lunch and eat on campus. Since Math Day is held during spring break for the UW,  there are a limited number of places open on campus to purchase food. However, there is plenty of outdoor seating around campus close to the event including benches and grassy areas. The Ground Level of the Husky Union Building (HUB) has indoor seating and a few places to purchase food, in the Husky Den.

Lectures, Panels, Field Trips, and Activities:
Download a pdf of the schedule

Lectures (not ticketed. anyone can attend until the room is filled to capacity):

Plenary: It’s all Fun and Games until Someone Becomes a Mathematician

Counting the Presents in The Twelve Days of Christmas
Crazy Games and Crazier Numbers
Deceptively Simple Problems in Mathematics
Finding Patterns in Differences: The Mathematics Behind the Game SET
Geometry in Nature: Why Bubbles are Round and Honeycombs Hexagonal, and More…
How to Be Extremely Good at Dots and Boxes
Making a Theremin out of 3 AM radios and some Trigonometry.
Sum-Free Subsets
The Curvature of Space
The Power of Three
The Quadratic Formula And Its Big Siblings
Warped Spaces

Panels (not ticketed)

UW Admissions Office
UW students talk about university life

Activities and Field Trips (must have a ticket to attend):

Mathematical Card Tricks
Knights and Liars
Plasma – The Fourth State of Matter
Seismology Lab
UW Campus Tour
Applied Physics Laboratory Tour


*  Details are subject to change

**  Access to the Opening Plenary Lecture is first come, first served.