2019 Poster Session and Reception

Tuesday, 5:20-6:40 PM
Poster Session Chair: TBD

Using R for Analysis of Continuous Surface Water Temperature Data
Pat Hallinan, WA State Dept of Ecology

Long-Term Analysis of Baseflow Trends in the Southeast Puget Sound Basin
Alexander Headman, United States Geological Survey
Valerie Bright, United States Geological Survey

Long Term Volunteer Data Collection on Vashon-Maury Island
Eric Ferguson, King County DNRP

Modeling the Effects of Climate Change on Streamflow and Stream Temperature in the South Fork of the Stillaguamish River
Katherine Clarke, Western Washington University
Robert Mitchell, Western Washington University
John Yearsley, University of Washington

Using Ensemble Data Assimilation to Estimate Long-term Hydrologic Exchange Fluxes under Highly Dynamic Condition
Kewei Chen, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Xingyuan Chen, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Xuehang Song, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Glenn Hammond, Sandia National Laboratory
Hongbin Zhan, Texas A&M University
Pin Shuai, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Sumas-Blaine Aquifer Nitrate Characterization, 2018
Eric Daiber, Ecology
Gene Freeman, Ecology
Pam Marti, Ecology
Kirk Sinclair, Ecology
Barbara Carey, Ecology-Retired

Simulation of Groundwater Storage Changes in the Quincy Basin, Washington
Lonna Frans, USGS
Sue Kahle, USGS

100 Years of Washington Hydrology
Valerie Bright, U.S. Geological Survey
Wendy Welch, U.S. Geological Survey
Sue Kahle, U.S. Geological Survey

Air Stripping Addresses Critical Drinking Water Treatment Needs
David Fischer, QED Environmental Systems

Estimating Ground and Surface Water Contributions to a Throughflow Lake Using Stable Isotope Hydrology
Ayman Alharbi, Washington State University
Kent Keller, Washington State University
Barry Moore, Washington State University

Hydrogeology of University Basin Area of Seattle, King County, Washington
Jennifer Hilden Saltonstall, Associated Earth Sciences, Inc.
Curtis J. Koger, Associated Earth Sciences, Inc.

What do Almost 30 Years of Data from a Countywide Database Tell Us about the Water Resources of Kitsap County, Washington?
Joel Purdy, Kitsap Public Utility District