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Requesting Permission

Information to include in your request:

  • The title of the work
  • Name of author, artist, editor, compiler
  • Exact description of what you want to use
  • Nature of your intended use

If your use does not fit within the criteria for one of the exemptions discussed in the preceding sections, or you do not have a license to use the work for your intended purpose, you need to obtain permission from the owner of the work prior to using it.

Permissions for course packs
If you are seeking permission to use copyrighted works in a course pack, the UW Copyright Permission Center will contact the publishers, secure necessary permissions and pay any royalties for you.

Form of permission request
If you wish to clear permissions yourself, be sure to clearly state what you intend to use and how you intend to use the work in terms of the five exclusive rights of copyright. The five copyright rights include the right to:

  • Reproduce,
  • Adapt,
  • Distribute,
  • Display and/or
  • Perform the work.

Some examples of permission request include:

The more accurate and complete you are in your request, the easier it will be for a publisher or owner to evaluate your request and grant permission.

Requests in Writing
Requests for permission should be in writing and include the following information:

  • Title of the work
  • Name of author (artist, editor, etc.)
  • ISBN
  • Description of the material to be used (page numbers, frames, length, portion, etc.)
  • Nature of your intended use (course pack, publication, performance, etc.)
  • If part of a publication, describe the publication (author, title, publisher, publication date)

    As applicable:
  • Number of copies to be made or expected audience for electronic access
  • Number of instances for which permission is sought (every quarter, once per year, etc.)
  • Number of performances to be made
  • Description of how the work will be displayed

It is recommended that you include a stamped, self-addressed envelope to facilitate the owner's reply, and provide your complete contact information should there be any questions.


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