Clean energy researchers today face unprecedented challenges related to data. High resolution research equipment, fast computer simulations, and abundant cheap, ubiquitous storage create a deluge of information that proves challenging to use effectively for scientific discovery and innovation.  DIRECT fills a critical educational gap by training a new generation of young scientists and engineers who can apply modern data science tools to the traditional aspects of materials design, synthesis, and characterization. The focus area of there traineeship is advanced materials for clean energy storage and conversion with additional emphases in all other research areas of the UW Clean Energy Institute.

The training program provides rich data science educational components for MS and PhD students at UW including:

Two three-credit hands-on data science classes

A team-based project based learning experience (capstone projects)

Regular research seminars from top clean energy researchers in the world

Project management and communications training

DIRECT is funded through the National Science Foundation Research Traineeship Program.