Frequently Asked Questions

Are international students eligible?

Yes, international students are eligible for the traineeship.

Is there funding available?

There is funding available for a limited number of PhD fellows. Different sources are available for citizens (or permanent residents) and non-citizens, so international students are eligible for funding as well. Unfunded spots in the program are available for both master and PhD students.

I see the application is through the Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship program, can I apply for only DIRECT?

Yes, you will see on the first page that DIRECT is listed as a option when applying. Just select “I would like to be considered for DIRECT .”

May I apply if I have already received a CEI Graduate Fellowship or CEI Recruiting Fellowship in the past?

You may apply for DIRECT only. Previous CEI fellows are eligible to apply for DIRECT, but prior support from CEI will be considered when making financial decisions. Though they are always welcome to participate in any of CEI’s activities, outreach efforts, or events. We hope that all Fellows will continue to be involved throughout their time at the UW.

If I am not initially selected for financial support, am I eligible for future financial support?

Yes. For example, an eligible Ph.D. student who is not selected for funding during this cycle is able to apply for the CEI graduate fellows program in future years. Additionally, all Ph.D. students who complete DIRECT are eligible to apply for a Data Science Accelerator award to support innovative and independent data science related research.

What requirements or stipulations accompany an offer of financial support from DIRECT?

You may not serve as a TA while you are receiving financial support from DIRECT.  Some forms of financial support require a commitment of at least 12 continuous months (details will be provided if/when relevant). Additionally, during the academic year you are required to remain in good academic standing in your degree program, make satisfactory progress on your Ph.D. research in your own lab, maintain a GPA of at least 3.5 in the DIRECT coursework, and attend all CEI seminars and DIRECT professional development events.