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Fall 2011 - Summer 2012

  • Collaborations - Photo gallery and article, from the UW Daily.

  • The University of Washington School of Drama is pleased to announce that long-time faculty member and artistic director of The Hansberry Project at ACT, Valerie Curtis-Newton, will become Head of Performance, uniting leadership of the PATP with her current role as Head of Directing. The School also announced the appointment of master acting teacher and director, L. Zane, to the faculty. Zane comes to the UW from the University of Southern California where she served on faculty for 20 years. Read the press announcement (PDF).

  • The Daily - Hayat Norimine reviews the upcoming UTS production of Mr. Marmalade.

  • 'For volunteer naturalist, the beach is a stage' "Deborah Trout has spent her life helping to create artificial worlds. Maybe that's why she turns to the natural one when she isn't working. She is a costume designer in the School of Drama, and in her spare time she hits local waterfront parks as a beach naturalist." (UW Today, April 3, 2012)

  • The Daily Double Shot - Anastasia Stepankowsky sits down with 3rd year PATP student Scott Abernethy to discuss his role in the production of Emma.

  • The UW Professional Actor Training Program 2014 invites you to their second fundraising event, continuing the Emerging Stages Play Reading Series, with the play "Mate", a new play by Cesar Abella.

  • Inspired by ART at the Henry - MFA costume designer Rachel Apatoff blogs about doing research for the UW's production of Emma at the Henry Art Gallery.

  • From The 5th Avenue Theatre's Take 5: "Celebrated local scenic designer (and MFA in scenic design alum) Matt Smucker speaks about "playing" an actor, designing for spaces large and small, and creating visual worlds for Oklahoma! and First Date."

  • 'What Sets Us Apart' "... fine-arts students include those in the School of Art, School of Drama, and School of Music. What distinguishes these students, senior Bobbin Ramsey said, is the passion they have for their discipline." (UW Daily, January 31, 2012)

  • 'Pushing The Limits Of Their Own Talent' UW associate professor Valerie Curtis-Newton balances community theater with teaching. "When she was 21, Curtis-Newton's aunt signed her up for an audition with a theater ensemble supported by Operation Push, a coalition of social activists established by Jesse Jackson that fought for civil rights and social justice. The ensemble took Curtis-Newton under its wing and catalyzed her acting, directing, and teaching careers. Today, Curtis-Newton is an associate professor of acting and directing at the UW, head of directing and of the Professional Actor Training Program, and recipient of three fellowships and the UW's Distinguished Teaching Award in 2011." (UW Daily, January 25, 2012)

  • 'Huskies' Dramatic NYC Trip' "The Husky basketball team took a hefty bite out of The Big Apple in December, shooting hoops against Marquette and Duke in Madison Square Garden and attending two Broadway musicals. The theatre portion of the trip was part of an independent study course developed for the team by the School of Drama. It is believed to be the first course offered for credit for a sports team on a regular-season road trip within the U.S. in NCAA history." (A&S Perspectives, January 2012)

  • Myra Platt on Performing Literature Co-artistic director of Book-It Repertory Theatre, Myra Platt has spent the past (Autumn) quarter working with undergraduate students on the action drama Rough Magic. She tells us “It’s been a challenge, and a lot of fun too finding an approach to telling this fantastical story in which literally anything goes!” (ArtsUW, January 2012)

  • Stories of Cambodian returnees form b asis of play by Drama Professor Mark Jenkins. A friend's insistence that he take a trip to an unlikely destination led Mark Jenkins to write a play. The friend was Don Fels, an artist who works all around the world doing collaborations with other artists. The destination was Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where Jenkins met the subjects of his play. (University Today, November 1, 2011)

  • Emeritus faculty Bill Forrester receives the 14th Annual Gregory A. Falls Sustained Achievement Award. The Gregory A. Falls Sustained Achievement Award honors individuals in the Puget Sound theatrical community who have given their time, energy and talents over a number of years. In particular, this award honors people who have had a widespread positive effect on the community.

  • Other Gregory Award nominees include Drama faculty Geoff Korf and Drama alums Richard Nguyen Sloniker, Andrea Bryn Bush, Matthew Smucker, Amiya Brown and Andrew Smith (also Drama faculty). Congratulations to all!

  • Harp Song Inspired by Everyday Heroes (A&S Perspectives, September 2011)