The School of Drama employs faculty, staff, and theatre artisans who are committed to quality in all areas. We work both to produce outstanding productions in our season and to pass our knowledge on to a new generation of actors, directors, designers, and academic professionals. The School is consistently ranked as one of the top departments, not only in training theatre professionals but in creating outstanding theatre historians, dramaturgs, and theorists.



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Distinguished Faculty and Staff

Valerie Curtis-Newton
Distinguished Teaching Award
"I think students should work hard," she said, "put in all the preparation they need to tackle an endeavor, be bold enough to have ideas and believe that their ideas should be given a voice, be courageous enough to speak them or to put them into action and mature enough to accept the consequences of whatever those choices were." -- Valerie Curtis-Newton

Alex Danilchik
Distinguished Staff Award
"Being able to work with students, collaborate with them is satisfying. They bring their side of it and you bring your side. You put that together and see the result." -- Alex Danilchik

Shanga Parker (now teaching at NYU)
Distinguished Teaching Award
"Shanga Parker is not only a superior teacher from an academic perspective, but he brings with him the grit and truth of the acting profession as he has experienced it." -- PATP student Jeremiah Davis

Jennifer Lavy
Distinguished Teaching Award
"In addition to the breadth and depth of knowledge and the interest she brings, is her ability to draw great new things out of her students." -- student Markus McVay

Alan Weldin
Distinguished Staff Award
"His lessons and his legacy are carried on through the many that pass through our doors, spend a short time with us, and move on." -- staff of the Drama Scene Shop

School of Drama BA Program
Brotman Award for
Instructional Excellence
"Whatever idea you have in your head, you can propose it. It's a really great way for people to experiment."
-- Drama student Andy Kidd

Barry Witham (now retired)
Distinguished Teaching Award
"What's my satisfaction? Just that I get to see a whole lot of my students succeed." -- Barry Witham

Robyn Hunt (now a Professor at University of South Carolina)
Distinguished Teaching Award
"Hunt is always creating new ways for students to learn, whether it's through dialogue after a dance concert, new techniques or performance ideas. When Hunt and her students begin their work, it's always a fresh creation." -- Julie Garner